Massimiliano (Max to friends) has been the CEO of LSM-Med since the company’s foundation.

Max graduate in management engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari, and has an MBA from CUOA Foundation.

He began his adventure in the medical industry in 2009 working in Demand Planning at Lima Corporate. In this role, he participated in the evolution of the S&OP process to cope with the demand for increased efficiency, better customer service and expansion in international markets.

As the Logistics and Manufacturing Manager of Lima SM, he increased his experience in the production of polymers and biopolymers for traumatology where he developed his vision of evolving traumatology through the conversion of metal products with new polymeric material with improved performances and better patient care.

He started to realize “this dream” after the acquisition, by the Pizzamiglio family, of Lima SM and the foundation of LSM-Med where he leads a skilled team toward the achievement of this vision.

He used to be an active sportsman having thrown the javelin and played football with limited success…

Davide Venturi

Davide is passionate about cycling which he considers “the most physically demanding sport”. He also loves manual work… if you need to renovate your house, call him.

Quality System Manager

Davide Venturi

Davide is the Quality System Manager at LSM-Med.

He makes sure the corporate quality management system is compliant with the many worldwide legal requirements and that all devices are appropriately manufactured and tested in accordance with those requirements before being sold and implanted into patients.

Davide graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1993.

Throughout his career in the medical devices sector, he has dealt with Quality Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems building a wide experience that is helping him now to manage the complexities of the ongoing transition.


Giampaolo Savoia

Since 2012, Giampaolo has been responsible for the Research & Development department of LSM-Med.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Giampaolo started his career in the company as a project designer back in 1997.

His main responsibility is the development of new products together with the improvement of existing ones following the indications of our user surgeons.

He collaborates with the production team to retrieve and select the best materials and technologies for our medical devices.

Savoia Giampaulo

Giampaolo is a “semi-professional” trader – Contact him if you want a heads up on the next blue chip!

Riccardo Rossi

Riccardo loves travelling, watching (not playing) football matches and is also an “expert” on Italian food.

Regulatory Affairs

Riccardo Rossi

Riccardo is the Regulatory Affairs Head at LSM-Med.

With a degree in Biomedical Engineering and long experience in several medical device companies, Riccardo joined LSM-Med in 2008 directing his experience to the approval of our products by International bodies such as ANVISA, (Brazil), ANMAT (Argentina), TGA (Australia) and PMDA (Japan).

He now leads the LSM-Med team in the complex transition toward MDR looking forward to engaging to FDA as soon as possible.

Marketing & Customer Care

Lara Montanari

Lara is in charge of marketing communication and customer relationships.

She nurtures and maintains relationships with our distributors.

After graduating with a degree in foreign languages, Lara joined the company in 2008 and has undertaken roles of increasing responsibility since then.

She has a “caring attitude” and is renowned for the passion and dedication used to assist customers, connect them with the company functions, support in placing orders, delivering marketing information and organizing marketing and professional education events in the territories.

She also manages the LSM-Med social media accounts.

Lara Montanari

Lara loves all animals and dogs in particular. She is an expert in “alternative travelling” to give meaningful experiences in her free time. If you watch her closely, you will find a deep “rock soul”.

Cristian Urbini

Cristian likes to have a “plan B” for everything he does at work and in life.

Finance & HR

Cristian Urbini

Cristian joined the company in 2009 while he was still a student.

He later graduated with a degree in Economics and was entrusted with several roles and growing responsibility in the administration departments.

He currently leads the Finance & Administration Team, and also covers the role of HR Manager.

Having responsibilities that require different skills can be challenging sometimes, but Cristian’s spirit and dedication to LSM-Med (his second family as he says) help to overcome all the complexities.


Fabio Gabrielli

Fabio manages the Packaging and Cleaning Room department where 100% of our devices transit, before sterilization.

He started working for the company as a logistics assistant back in 2001 and became department manager in 2010.

Fabio Gabrielli​

He is a sportsman and loves sailing, football and fishing!

Marco is a great lover of sailing and navigation from a young age and his dream is to become a skipper!


Marco Ravaglioli

Marco began his career in 1980 in the engineering sector, in a mold manufacturing company developing significant expertise in molding and mechanical processing. 

His introduction to the medical device business occurred in 2005 when he joined our company and soon his experience was leveraged in the manufacturing process of the polymers.

In 2015, he became the leader of the PLLA and PEEK Molding department. Marco’s experience will be pivotal in the development of the new reinforced PEEK.


Claudio Rosetti

Claudio is among those with the most years of service among members of the LSM-Med team.

He worked in several departments including manufacturing and planning.

Since 2012 he has managed the company’s warehouse making sure that we have enough material to guarantee surgeries for all our patients.

Claudio Rosetti

A big music lover, he plays the trumpet in a Jazz band.