Filtration system of Lipoaspirate

Lipo-Med System is intended for use in the harvesting through liposuction, closed-loop processing, concentrating, and subsequent re-injection in different human body districts of autologous adipose tissue during the same surgery.

Autologous adipose tissue is rich in mesenchymal stem cells that can be used in different clinical applications, including orthopaedic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, wound healing, plastics and reconstructive surgery.

Lipo-Med System is provided SINGLE USE and STERILE.

Lipo-Med System

Stem cells were first described in 1908 but were not studied until the 1960s [1].

In 2001 the adipose-derived stem cells was identified in mesenchyme stem cells similar to those found in bone marrow but easier to obtain and available in greater volumes [2].

  1. Infiltrate Klein solution in the desired liposuction area (typically abdomen).
  2. After 10 minutes, lipoaspirate is collected in the device filtering bag with Ringer’s solution. The bag is brushed to assist the removal of wastes (blood and oil residues) from adipose tissue through a membrane. This is an atraumatic procedure limiting damage to the cells compared to other methods.
  3. Autologous adipose tissue is removed from the device filtering bag by connecting a 10ml syringe to the OUT port. The final purified product is now ready for use in different indications.




  • The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, this is better for the patient than a general anesthetic and also provides long-acting pain relief.
  • Mesenchymal cell rich-adipose tissue is harvested cleaned and re-implanted all in one surgery.
  • Concentrating process is carried out in a “closed Loop” so remains sterile throughout the procedure.
  • The procedure is autologous so less risk of complications.