VRP Volar Radius Peek Plate

The VRP plate has been designed for distal radius fracture fixing to the Vloar surface of the radius. It is made of CFR PEEK to give the benefits of radiolucency and no cold welding for easy of removal if required.


Angular stability screws, these are polyaxial screws. The screw head will  “tap“ the plate allowing excellent fixation of plate to the screws

Slotted hole allows for ideal placement of the plate

Hole to set the guiding masks for distal screws.

Radiographic markers in tantalum


  • Made of Re-enforced PEEK (CFR PEEK 30) meaning the same yield strength as stainless steel- giving them excellent strength but a lower modulus of elasticity, similar to bone, meaning less stress shielding.
  • Chemically inert means no cold welding so if removal is required this is a much simpler process.
  • It has a slotted hole to allow for the correct placement of the plate with no compromise.
  • The polyaxial screw which locks into the plate for enhanced fixation and a jig to test screw positioning before they are placed ensuring the screws don’t enter the joint space.

Surgical Procedure