SuperNail GT

The SuperNail GT has been designed to offer multiple benefits to the surgeon and patient.

Supernail GT
Locking plug in 3 offsets (0mm -5mm and -15mm)

Specific hole for anti-rotation wire in treating basicervical fractures.

Cervical diaphyseal angles 125 and 130 degrees

Cephalic screw to block or allow sliding depending on the fracture pattern.

Fluted end distally for easier insertion and progressive reduction

Distal screw with a jig for ease of insertion that allows static or dynamic stabilization.

Distal screws with a radiolucent jig for ease of insertion.


1. This nail is made of Titanium Alloy (Ti6AL4V) with a type II anodonic treatment.

Titanium is closer to bone in its modulus of elasticity than Stainless steel reducing the stress shielding. The SuperNail GT also has the Type II anodonic coating which penetrates the titanium providing several benefits.

  • An anti-galling surface makes the nail much easier to remove if required
  • Formation of a barrier layer against ion release
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to cold welding
  • Suppress bone on growth

2. The nail is available as a short and long variation to accommodate different proximal femoral fractures

3. This femoral proximal nail is suited for the surgical treatment for proximal femoral fractures, trochanteric fractures and subtrochanteric fractures.

Case Studies

Interview with Dr Lorenzo Maria Di Giacomo

Head of the orthopaedic trauma department in the University Hospital of Perugia