SH Screw

These threaded screws are made of Ti6AI4V. They are used in various hand and foot surgeries. There are 2 diameter and design screws in the range.

2.5mm Conical full threaded SH screw, Anodized blue and the 3mm Conical head and double threaded SH screw, anodized green

SH Screw Foot & Hand Surgery

Headless with a 45º milling allowing the screw to be buried even when used in an oblique fashion

Cannulated, self-drilling, self-tapping screws for ease of use.

Different pitch of threads allowing compression to be achieved.

Variable pitch of threads from cylindrical to conical sections allowing compression by progressive screw insertion.


  • Designed for use in small bone fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis cases
  • Self drilling, self tapping screws
  • Headless design with 450 milling allowing screw to be completely buried reducing chance of soft tissue irritation
  • Individually sterile packed.