DiPhos H

The DiPhos H plate has been designed for proximal humeral fractures, fracture dislocations and non unions.


Angular stability screws are polyaxial screws. The screw head will  “tap“ the plate allowing excellent fixation of the plate to the screws.

Plates in 2 lengths (115mm and 90mm) for appropriate sizing.

Slotted hole allows for ideal placement of the plate

Anatomically contoured plate.

Made of CFR PEEK for easy visualization and removal if required.


  • Made of Re-enforced PEEK (CFR PEEK 30) meaning the same yield strength as stainless steel- giving them excellent strength but a lower modulus of elasticity, similar to bone, meaning less stress shielding.
  • Chemically inert- meaning no cold welding so if removal is required this is a much simpler process.
  • The DiPhos H plate is anatomically contoured and has polyaxial screws that lock into the plate for better fixation.
  • It has a slotted hole to allow the plate to be positioned ideally for the fracture without compromise.