DiPhos Nail

The DiPhos nail is made of titanium alloy with a PEEK proximal coating to prevent cold welding easing removal, if required.

DiPhos Nail

No cold welding

Radiolucent jig for short and long nails

Multiple configuration of screw proximally to offer excellent fixation in different fracture patterns

Anatomic nails available in 2 distal diameter and 7 lengths allowing fixations of 2, 3 and 4 part fractures of the proximal humerus and diaphyseal fractures all with one instrument set.


  • Multiple screw configuration proximally allows appropriate fixation in different fracture patterns.
  • Radiolucent jig for proximal and distal screw placement making the procedure simpler and quicker.
  • CFR PEEK Proximal coating making removal easier if required.
  • Available in 2 lengths allowing treatment of proximal and diaphyseal fracture with the same system.