About LSM-Med

  • We have designed and manufactured traumatology products for 40 years with a focus on upper limb and foot products.
  • We were early adopters of alternative materials and pioneered their use in traumatology.
  • We have a significant commercial presence in Italy and distributors in specific European markets.
  • We have strong production capabilities with 2 manufacturing plants and R&D support.
  • We developed more than 100 products in collaboration with 30 renowned surgeons.
  • A strong financial backing.

LSM-Med Timeline

Hit Medica a distributor of trauma products​
Hit Medica begins manufacturing trauma products
First product developed in re-absorbable material

Over 15 years of clinical legacy.

Acquisition by Lima
First use of PEEK

Lima first developed the Diphos plates using PEEK in 2010

It is used in Trauma products because its radiolucent, inert, inherently stronger than metals and biocompatible.

Move to San Marino site

The main production technologies are:

  • Precision machining with lathes, milling machines and numerical-control 5-axis machining centers.
  • Injection moulding in area ISO 7, advanced moulding technology.
Acquired by the Pizzamiglio Family leading to establishment of LSM-Med
Continuing to build on heritage of bio materials and trauma knowledge to evolve traumatology

Our Mission

To be a valuable partner and improve your traumatology and foot surgery solutions by:

  • Providing a personalized and flexible service.
  • Zipping design, manufacturing, and education to provide one seamless service.
  • Collaborating with partners for innovative products to challenge the status quo of today.
  • Continuing to combine our long-term traumatology experience with know-how in bio-re-absorbable and special polymers.
LSM Med Vision

Our Vision

To evolve traumatology and foot surgery by introducing new materials to significantly improve existing solutions for the good of patients. We do this by:

  • Zipping together bio-engineering science and traumatology
  • Providing high-performance products at a lower environmental and economic cost
  • Working in partnership with surgeons and distributors to improve patient outcomes
  • Providing world-class support for our partners in all we do

Our Values


Acting on feedback to provide solution quickly.


Listening to customers and distributors to find the optimal way to work together to provide the best outcomes.


With everything in-house able to control processes to deliver high-quality products, cost effectively and quickly.


All are dedicated to making surgeons’ lives easier by providing the best products possible.


Building on our DNA of Bio-engineering to provide solutions that benefits surgeons and patients.

Some Words About Quality

Why the Zip in our logo?

We added a Zip to our logo because we are committed to:

  • Zipping together bio-engineering science and traumatology
  • Zipping together design, manufacturing, and education to provide one seamless service
  • Zipping together our internal design and manufacturing to continuously upgrade our solutions introducing them at pace
  • Zipping together with the needs of our surgeons for improved solutions with the desire of our distributors to remain cost-effective in a competitive market