RSB Implants

RSB implants resorbable synthesis devices for forefoot surgery


HVS headless screw  in lengths of 12mm to 30mm in 4mm increments.

Symmetrical Serrated staples 2mm in diameter with a bridge length of 10mm and tines of 12mm.

Resorbable Pin available in 2 different sizes Ø 1.8 mm and 2.4 mm


These implants are made of resorbable materials P(L/DL)LA 70/30 which we first introduced in 2005.

We have continued to develop both the products and the material.

The significance of the resorbable material is 2-fold:

  • The gradual fragmentation leads to less stress shielding allowing the bone to take more of the load as it heals.
  • The total resorption occurs at 2 years meaning there is no metal left to irritate surrounding tissues which may lead to a second surgery for removal of the implant. This saves time and money and an operation for the patient.