nuvaBONE - Bone Substitute

Bone substitutes are being used worldwide today in surgery. A bone substitute can be defined as “a synthetic, inorganic or biologically organic combination which can be inserted for the treatment of a bone defect instead of autogenous or allogenous bone”. A wide variety of bone substitutes have been employed over the past 50 years.

Bone Substitute


nuvaBONE is an innovative line of bone substitutes created by synthesis which is based on nano-structured hydroxyapatite, of the highest purity. nuvaBONE is available in granules, chips, paste injectable and malleable crunch in a wide range of different formats and quantities, to answer in a practical and functional way to the many implant needs in dentistry, orthopedics, traumatology and spinal surgery.

The hydroxyapatite in nuvaBONE is a compound of calcium phosphate extraordinarily similar to the matrix human bone mineral, both by composition, both for structure and size of the nanocrystals. Its Ca/P ratio of 1.67 is identical to that of natural bone apatite making it an ideal substitute.

The different formulations have been developed with different indications in mind.

nuvaBONE Granules and chips. These come in different volumes from 2cc to 50cc and have a grain size of 1-2mm. They are ideal for filling small and medium cavitary and peri-prosthetic bone defects

Bone Substitute Paste

nuvaBONE Injectable paste

This is available in volumes of 2 to 14cc and is a high density mixture of nano-crystals and nano-structured hydroxyapatite micro-powder, in an aqueous solution buffered at physiological pH. This paste facilitates the precise positioning of the material. It’s indicated in the filling of vertebral cages, in the synthesis of comminuted fractures, and in filling the holes left by the screws following the removal metalwork. The use of dense granules in association with antibiotics also to ensure a timed release.

nuvaBONE Crunch. This is similar to the paste but has a higher concentration of nano-structured hydroxyapatite making it malleable and stable even in bloody sites. It is used in the treatment of bone defects in orthopaedics, traumatology and spinal surgery.e


  • NuvaBone is an innovative bone substitute based on nano-structured Hydroxyapatite of the highest quality.
  • It’s available in different formulations for different indications making it more appropriate and easier to handle.
  • The Hydroxyapatite in NovaBone is a compound of calcium Phosphate very similar to the matrix of human bone.
  • The Calcium Phosphate ratio is 1.67, identical to that of natural bone apatite.