SG Metatarsal Spacer

The SG Metatarsal Spacer is made of PLLA so it is resorbable.  It is designed for the treatment of conditions of the metatarsophalangeal joints including hallux rigidus, Metatarsal-phalangeal arthrosis, arthritis as a result of fractures, and rheumatic arthropathies.


made of PLLA, a resorbable material.

4 reinforcement ribs to enhance the mechanical properties of the device.

Cannulated device to aid placement of the device and maintain metatarso-phalangeal joint alignment

Tapering shaft increasing stability and ease of insertion.


  • The use of this device for interpositional arthroplasty retains foot function compared to traditional treatment methods.
  • Made of PLLA which is resorbable over time.
  • Increased mechanical properties due to:
    • Tapered shaft.
    • Reinforcement ribs.
  • Simplified procedure and instrumentation set.