Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery (MIFS). This is a unique collection of burrs and screws for use in multiple foot surgeries.


  • The burrs are designed to create small and accurate osteotomies required for minimally invasive use
  • Used through a small incision, creating a bony paste that with palpation and irrigation can be removed
  • The burrs are provided sterile and single use.
  • Available as a Shannon burr in 2.2mm and 3mm diameter, as well as a wedge burr in 2.9mm and 4.3mm diameter both in different lengths.


  • The screws are made of Ti6AI4V.
  • Headless, double threaded available in d1=4mm and d2= 3mm in two version: partial and total treaded.
  • Used in Minimally invasive Basal/ Chevron and Akin osteotomies.


  • Less soft tissue damage
  • Less scarring
  • Fast functional recovery for the patient
  • Accurate preparation as Burrs used on a low speed/ high torque burr machine under fluoroscopy

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery (MIFS) - Hallux Vagus