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Maintains some movement in the first MTP joint – Making it more acceptable to patients.

Resorbable so no need for a second surgery – Making it cost-effective and patient-friendly

Easy instrumentation – Making it a simple time effective procedure

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Fast-growing innovators

LSM-Med is a fast-growing company engaged in developing, manufacturing and commercialising innovative solutions made out of standard metallic and alternative material in the area of traumatology and foot surgery.

With the company’s Headquarters in the Republic of San Marino, LSM-Med boasts more than 40 years of experience in foot surgery, femoral nailing, external fixation and standard traumatology; constantly striving for innovation in both implants and instrument design.

We were among the earliest adopters of alternative materials in traumatology, with materials such as Ultra-Reinforced PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) for upper limb plates and bio-re-absorbable PLLA (Poly-L-lactic acid) for foot surgery. This knowledge paves the way for continuing research in improving fracture healing together with the patient experience.

LSM-Med can proudly display a unique vertical integration. From precision machining with lathes and milling to numerical-control 5-axis machining. From injection moulding in area ISO 7 to advanced moulding technology. All manufacturing processes are completed in our plants along with the packaging.

We are one of the few remaining fully privately-owned companies with a short decision-making chain. Our flexibility and attitude to collaboration with surgeons and distributors make us the best partners for those with innovation in their DNA.


Anvisa Certificate Lipo Med Brazil

Certification for Lipo-Med in Brazil

LSM-Med announced this month the accrediting of the Anvisa Certificate for Lipo-Med in Brazil, marking a crucial step towards commercialization. The Lipo-Med System is used in harvesting autologous adipose tissue. 

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Coming to Bulgaria

Excited to share that we had a productive visit to a potential distributor of our orthopaedic and trauma products Maycom LTD in Bulgaria last month. It’s an important milestone as

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Cadaver Lab 2023

Cadaver Labs a Success

Last month we held two cadaver labs focussed on the RSB calcaneo stop for treating flat foot and the MIFS instruments for improving access and simplifying minimally invasive foot surgery.

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Our Green heart

In the medical field there is a growing awareness of the importance of environmental protection with the replacement of plastics with recyclable materials. Our choice, back in 2005, went to PLLA not only because it favours the patient, facilitating the post-operative course, but also for its positive social impact and support of the environment.

This material is:

  1. Eco-Friendly because it is derived from corn, a renewable resource
  2. Biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.
  3. Bio-Compatible as it does not produce toxic or carcinogenic effects on the human tissues
  4. Saves energy because it requires from 25 to 55% less energy for production compared to standard material used in traumatology.

In the future, we will move towards increasing the use of recyclable material to continue to provide innovative and user-friendly systems to our surgeons in order to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

Why the Zip in our logo?

We added a Zip to our logo because we are committed to:

  • Zipping together bio-engineering science and traumatology
  • Zipping together design, manufacturing, and education to provide one seamless service
  • Zipping together our internal design and manufacturing to continuously upgrade our solutions introducing them at pace
  • Zipping together with the needs of our surgeons for improved solutions with the desire of our distributors to remain cost-effective in a competitive market

Why partner with LSM-Med?

  • We are an agile company with an attitude of innovation and listening to market needs. We understand every surgeon is different, as their tools should be, and are willing to cooperate with distributors to find the best solution.
  • Starting from the existing successful portfolio, we are developing a wide array of new products based on our latest research in the field of reinforced and re-absorbable polymers.
  • Our Vertical Integration and automation allow LSM-Med competitive production costs reflecting the possibility to support distributor partners.
  • We are committed to providing customised best-in-class medical education and customer support to all our distributors. Digitisation allows Companies to provide high-quality service with efficient use of the valuable time of the surgeons and we are at the front of this trend.